Friday, July 9, 2010

Still No Unemployment Extension!

Although I’m one of the lucky ones who've now rejoined the ranks of the employed as of a month ago, I still identify with the 14.6 million people (yes, that many as of June, 2010) still unemployed. I get a paycheck every two weeks and that's great but it just doesn't feel the same after spending eight months unemployed during such a dire economy.  Before I was laid off last year, I took getting a paycheck for granted.  Now every check feels like it could be the last one.  You can't understand how that feels unless you've been laid off during a recession.

I kind of understand how people who survived the Depression feel.  What I can't imagine is surviving without unemployment insurance. Right now the only thing on my mind is saving money and hunkering down for the next depression.  I call it like the government won’t call it.  Let them speak the soft talk to the camera.  When I see people out of work for over a year, middle class people forced to rely on public assistance for the first time in their lives, and people waiting scared for Congress to extend unemployment benefits for fear they'll end up on the street, it’s a damn depression to me. 

Those waiting since June 2 for the next unemployment extension to be signed by Congress will be forced to wait even longer if Congress doesn't sign the extension until after their summer recess which starts August 9.  Let's hope they're not that stupid (although nothing shocks me about Congress anymore) and decide it needs to be signed as soon as they get off their 4th of July break on July 12.  I don’t understand a country that claims to be a super power but whose government does things to contradict itself time and again.  I don't think there's anything super about law makers sitting on extended vacations while so many people who put them in office are walking around with no means of income. 

What amazes me is some of the Republican senators have resorted to blaming the unemployed for being unemployed.  That's it, blame the people at the bottom for the greed from the top.  Some companies have even decided they're not going to hire anyone for a position unless they're already employed.  That is just ridiculous to me.  Thank goodness the company I work for didn't feel that way.  I'd still be sitting at home right about now and they would've missed out on a damn good person.

A reminder: just because you have a job today does not mean you will have one tomorrow.  I believe things will get worst before they get better at the rate we're going.  There's talk that thousands of people working for state and local governments will be laid off because of budget cuts at the state level.  Stop listening to what the government tells you and start reading what's going on for yourself.  This is an election year.  They will tell you anything to get reelected.  Prepare for the unexpected.


  1. Maybe we should be protesting at the Republican Senators residences, setting up tent cities in their neighborhood and yard. Their nieghbors would be so proud of them!

  2. The reason they are blaming the unemployed is because they don't want to place the blame where it should be and that is with themselves.

    They are all living high on the hog off the backs of the people they supposedly work for. They are all about catering to lobbyists, getting re-elected the next term, and looking out for their own best interests.

    It sickens me that we continue to pay some of these people and give then perks and benefits long after they finish doing the nothing they did while in office. But alas, that is the country we live in. I am stepping down off my soapbox now.

  3. I've had people say, "you have a job now, why do you care?" I have to look at them like they're crazy because those are the same ones who will end up on the unemployment line and wonder why no one cares about them. You don't forget because you become employed. At least you shouldn't!